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Saitenwechsler ("String Changers”) are a rocking e-violin duo from Gifhorn in Germany far off the beaten tracks of classical music, founded in 2016. They play lyrical ballads, original cover arrangements, and compositions of their own, thereby creating a unique violin sound – raw and distortet, with a clear leaning towards rock and hard rock. Saitenwechsler play a varied repertoire and are always good for a surprise. They experiment with different sounds and styles, without allowing any categorization.

Saitenwechsler are:
Fabian Dost, e-violinist, classical violinist and violist, pianist, composer and arranger
Helga Dost, e-violinist, classical violinist, lyricist

Together, they have opted for Wood Violins’ innovative high quality e-violins because these violins differ greatly from e-violins typical of the German market, not only owing to their outward resemblance of Flying-V-guitars but also because Wood Violins’ Viper features additional bass strings. Helga plays a lefty 5-string, and Fabian a 6-string violin. And that is what makes Saitenwechsler unique – they are the only e-violin duo in Germany to play their own bass. So, in conjunction with a percussion sound they feel more like a modern rock band than a classical pair of violins.

Fabian Dost:
“I am from a musical family. I have played the violin since I was four years old, the viola and the piano since I was 15.  On my road to graduate orchestra musician I have played with several orchestras and chamber music ensembles.  At present, I play the principal viola with the Braunschweig Louis Spohr Orchestra.  I also try to pass on my passion for music as a secondary school teacher and as an instrumental instructor at our local music school.  For Saitenwechsler I enjoy composing original pieces or arranging cover songs.”

Helga Dost:
“I am a typical newcomer. I have expanded from the e-violin to the classical violin, left-handed version, some years ago.  My heart belongs to rock music, though, and I write Saitenwechsler’s lyrics.  I also take care of visual realization of our music.”

2017 is a varied and exciting year for Saitenwechsler:  Their first four songs were released on 1 May, two newly arranged rock cover pieces and two original compositions which together illustrate Saitenwechsler’s diversity.  Shooting their first professionally produced video for their first single “Tango” was done in cooperation with experienced German film maker and photographer Toby Wulff and accomplished 2 Modern Zouk dancers. The video was released in May. More music videos and cooperations with singers are planned for autumn 2017.